Subramanian Swamy vs Gandhi Family

Subramanian Swamy  is an Indian economist and  politician who is also a member of the upper house of the Indian Parliament Rajya Sabha,. He was the President of the Janata Party which  merged with Bharatiya Janata Party in 2013. He has been elected MP several times and has also served as Cabinet Minister in Prime Minister Chandrashekhar’s Governement. Swami is Harvard educated academics who has been on Harvard and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) faculty for a long period. He has also been a director of IIT.

Along the years, Swami has opposed Gandhis since the days of emergency in 70s, when Late Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. Swami was in Janata Party which ousted her regime in 1977 general elections when first Non- Congress Government in India was formed under Prime Minister Morarjee Desai.

Subramanian Swamy  has pursued alleged corruption cases against Gandhi family, notably Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. The prominent current case is of National Herald. Swamy has accused Sonia, Rahul and several other Congress top leaders for conspiring to misappropriate funds by paying Rs 50 lakh. This allowed the Young Indian Ltd company to gain control of the Associated Journals Ltd. This company is publisher of the National Herald newspaper which is now defunct. Swami relentlessly followed the case which resulted in issue of summons to Sonia, Rahul and other Congress leaders. This case involves allegation of land misappropriation, too.

The other important case against Gandhis in which Swami had taken interest is the Augusta Westland helicopter deal. This helicopter was meant for the VVIP use and was to be operated by Indian Air Force. But, there were indications that bribes were paid to middlemen, officials and some others who were allegedly linked to the Gandhis, as per Swami’s contention. This deal was inked in 2010 during Congress led Government of UPA II and contract was given to Augusta Westland, the wholly owned subsidiary of Finmeccanica, an Italian company.

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Though Swami makes allegations, it is rarely without some substance. Moreover, he has tenacity and perseverance to pursue cases for prolonged period, which eventually leads to conclusion, as can be seen in case of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jaylalita, against whom Swami had filed a corruption case in 1996, which led her to become first incumbent CM of a state to be indicted in a corruption case.

Hence, only time can tell what will come of Subramanian Swamy Vs Gandhi Family saga.

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