Should Women Come Into Politics or Not?

The crucial question that Should Women Come Into Politics or Not has several factors which should be taken care of. The women politicians encounter various issues due to the gender misconception. It leads to discrimination, disrespect and sidelining by male politicians in several cases. Though Indian Constitution guarantees equality to women in politics right from participation by casting of the vote to contesting elections, women politician may have to face violence, abuse and ridicule in day to day political life.

The women have reservation in politics in the local bodies in several states in India. There are several women Sarpanch (village head) elected by Panchayat Raj system, but practically husband of the woman office bearer calls the shot. This happens at every level from village, district to state politics. But, presently, this trend seems to be changing as educated women assert themselves and handle their offices independently without bothering interference from males in family. This has led to positive changes which makes a case for women to enter politics.

The women should enter politics as they are less prone to corruption. It is inherent sincerity and tolerance of women, which makes them compassionate towards sufferings of the electorate. This may lead to implementation of welfare schemes successfully. The women members at village and local body level have been seen as more adapt and meticulous at managing welfare funds, because they know how to run a household economy. Women have been seen as an influential factors in success of rural sanitation and cleanliness schemes in states, noticeably in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, several villages have become open defecation free as woman members of Panchayats are behind construction of thousands of latrines in the houses across the villages in the state. Due to participation of the women, villages have also acquired better drinking water and cleaner surroundings.

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The women legislators and the parliamentarians have been found to have better attendance percentage than male counterparts. The women members are seen pursuing issues of their constituencies with sincerity and zealousness, which male counterparts may lack sometimes.  

India has seen prominent women politicians like the Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Late Vijaya Laxmi Pandit and Sucheta Kripalani from previous generation, while in present generation Vasundhara Raje, Jaylalitha, Mamta Banerjee, Mayawati and Sheela Dikshit have been Chief Ministers of their respective states. Sushma Swaraj was not only CM of Delhi, but also Cabinet Minister at the Centre at present. There are innumerable women politicians active in country at various levels.

Though there may be challenges facing women active in politics, it is desirable that they should enter into politics for reasons cited above and betterment of their village, city, district, state and the country as a whole.

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