The process is simple:

  1. When you contact us for advertising your product or services on our platform.
  2. Our Sales representative will be in touch with you. He will explain you different module of the advertisements. i. e. Text ad, Image ad, Banner, Video ad etc.
  3. According to your preference of ad he will explain you costing part of the advertisement. Basically our advertisement types are divided into two parts. I) Pay per click II) Pay per thousand impression. Choose your type of advertisement.
  4. Once you decided with your advertisement type and plan. Our Designing team will be in touch with you for designing your advertisement material.
  5. We will show you 4 layouts of the ad, you can choose any one. After your ad confirmation we will publish your ad on our website.
  6. Payment mode can be cheque payment, online transfer, Credit card, PayPal, wallets        

Advantages of advertising on

•   Exclusivity: You will be the sole publisher in your business category forever, this feature locks out your competition. We will only all one business per category at a time. 

•   The cost. It’s affordable! Advertisements on are more cost-effective than different medium therefore the little business owner will afford a daily business presence in their native marketplace that is important to determine shopping for patterns. Once you compare the price of advertising in different publications wherever you’re enclosed by your competitors, it is smart to advertise on and stand alone! And, accounts are typically sent out monthly thus you’ll be able to pay as you go.

•   Politicalkeeda is upbeat and positive.  It contains the Political news, Controversies, Social Issues, and many more in the world of politics. It puts readers in an exceedingly nice mood! Once their mood is favorable and that they see your advertisement, they will be attracted by your advertisement. It’s really informative site which adds something fruitful to end users mind.

•   Short and Simple.  Taking 7-10 minutes to read articles on, whereas end user can easily notice your advertisement on

•   Advertisement style enclosed.  Advertisements are designed specifically for so advertisers can do outstanding results. Your advertising rate includes consultation, style and typesetting of effective advertisements. Ads may be modified weekly by telephony, email.

•   Politicalkeeda offer is closely monitored. Ads are operating 24/7, systematically delivering your message and manufacturing results. To know more write to us on